Typology: home-office/executive desk, coffee table, side table.
Material: extra-clear crystal glass.
project assistant: Riccardo Mei
registered copyright: ADI n° R.P. 2726

executive desk/home office:  L195 W93 H74cm
coffee table:                                L135 W67 H37cm
side table:                                    L55 W40 H55cm

The inspiration for ORIGAMI came from the observation of a simple piece of paper which, being folded a few times according to an antique Japanese technique, transforms into complex and delicate figures of innate fascination and beauty: the origami.
The idea starts off with the concept of taking advantage of the resistance of glass appreciating its optical lightness with the intent to unveil the similarity between the complex art of origami and the workmanship of glass showing its magic transparency.
Both, paper with its light sense of touch and opacity and glass with its physical heaviness and transparency present contrary features but have also a strong attribute in common: the concept of lightness.
The table ORIGAMI was created as a result of this theory.

100% hand-made in Italy.

Limited Edition
signed and numbered by the artists, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity