K  I  T  t  a  b

typology: interactive kitchen-shelf
material: wood/corian/glass 
registered copyright: ADI n° R.P. 2689

L100  W25  H2,5cm

KITtab was born with the idea of bringing a current electronic device into the domestic area locating it in the
heart of family- and social life: THE KITCHEN.

Via WIFI one can surf the web, manage all electronic mail, have telephone- or video-conversations,
receive digital tv, web-tv and web-radio.

The true innovation is the use in the kitchen area; the tablet is completely waterproof, resistant to steam and
dirt and doesn’t request any special cleaning precautions.

A technological object more and more present in everyday life becomes the centre of communication in the household, being integrated in a kitchen shelf, out of the way and at the same time in the centre of attention.
The family’s cook can find, study and go through new recipes, see the weather forecast, read the horoscope and many more by using the apps already installed while inclining the screen to whatever position needed.

the tablet easily can be removed out of its support.